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An Important Note Regarding SSL Encryption on Your Website

Recently, Google Search Console sent out an announcement regarding the usage of SSL on sites. If your site includes text fields of any sort, Google Chrome will begin displaying an “insecure” message if the site isn’t using SSL in October. My understanding is that even search fields or comment forms will trigger this labeling. We […]

What Does it Cost to Keep a WordPress Website Running?

A common misconception is that owning a WordPress website is free of costs. While WordPress itself is “free” software (as in beer, as well as speech), running a solid WordPress site itself isn’t free. There are some ongoing costs associated with any reliable WordPress site that people new to websites overlook or don’t understand. Let’s […]

Invest Your Tax Return in a New Website

We at Clockpunk Studios are working writers like yourself, and boy, do we know this is a trying time of the year. “Tax season,” a phrase so vile it practically sounds like profanity. And the questions that plague you have plagued us as well. Will I have a large bill? Will I receive a refund? […]

Why Don’t You Offer Hosting?

Here at Clockpunk Studios, we build the majority of our websites using the WordPress engine. We think it’s a pretty great way to build websites, and we must not be alone, since WordPress now powers fully 25% of the internet. But WordPress websites rely on a hosting service to stay “on the air” and operational, […]

Why the New Year is the Perfect Time for a New Author Website

Yeah, we know, years are basically just arbitrary units of time that we use to measure out our course through a cold and indifferent universe, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t use those arbitrary markers to our advantage. For most people, the New Year is about new beginnings, including a lot of resolutions that […]

WordPress Security: How to Make Your Site Hack-proof (as much as possible)

Okay, we admit it, no site is ever going to be 100% hack-proof. But there are some simple steps that you can take to help protect your author website from hacks and keep it safe. Here at Clockpunk Studios, we’ve been working in web design for years, and over that time we’ve seen too many […]

10 Short, Sharp SEO Tips for WordPress Bloggers

Here at Clockpunk Studios, we are big believers in the WordPress engine, and we’re also big believers in SEO. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is how you make sure that your website is easy for search engines to find, which in turn makes it easy for readers and customers to find, and, after all, what […]

Managed WordPress with WP Engine & Summer Savings!

Whether you’re setting up just a single blog or a complex, interlocking site, there’s a good chance that you can benefit from managed WordPress hosting and support. What’s the difference? Faster speed, scalable, secure architecture, and top-notch customer support, to name a few. Here at Clockpunk Studios, WP Engine is one of the solutions that […]

Why WordPress?

Here at Clockpunk Studios, we primarily build our websites using custom-designed templates on the WordPress platform. So the question is bound to come up from time to time: Why use WordPress, when there are so many other content management systems available to authors, publishers, and web designers when it comes to building websites? At Clockpunk […]

WordPress is Great for Small Businesses!

Here at Clockpunk Studios we’re big fans of WordPress. That may not come as much of a surprise, since we use it to power most of the websites that we build. It seems that we’re not the only ones who like WordPress, though. In fact, WordPress currently powers more than 25% of the Internet! Not […]

Buy My Book: How to Help Your Readers Do Just That

We’ve talked before about self-promotion, especially in this social media-saturated age, but there’s one thing that can be easy to forget in all the talk about building a brand and cultivating an online presence. While just hammering people to buy your book is never going to work, at the end of the day, all self-promotion […]

Looking Back: Clockpunk Studios in 2015

Every year has its ups and downs, and sometimes the ups outnumber the downs. 2015 was a year with a lot of ups and downs, but it was a good year for us here at Clockpunk Studios. Besides setting into motion some plans for the future, and of course continuing our goal to provide the […]