Invest Your Tax Return in a New Website

We at Clockpunk Studios are working writers like yourself, and boy, do we know this is a trying time of the year. “Tax season,” a phrase so vile it practically sounds like profanity.  And the questions that plague you have plagued us as well.  Will I have a large bill? Will I receive a refund?  Will I have health insurance in 2018? (Okay, that last one isn’t related to taxes.)  All questions that we know well.

Should you find yourself with a check and no idea how to spend it, consider contacting us to develop a proposal for an author website.  Our WordPress-backed websites are custom to each client’s needs.  Because we work so specifically with authors and writers, we’ve developed a host of tools and systems to make development run smoothly, and you can get a lot of power without having to pay to re-invent the wheel.  Some features that we include standard in our proposal packages include:

  • Custom writing project management tools, making it a cinch to add new books, add purchase links, review quotes, and extras like maps, character lists, reading club questions, and more.
  • Custom events calendar.  Set dates and times, and the calendar will automatically remove past events from display.  No complicated and difficult to use calendar displays, either.  A clean, easy to read list of upcoming events so your fans and readers can learn where they can connect with you next.
  • Full site integration with MailChimp, to better present a sign-up option to your readers.  We build websites, but an opt-in mailing list is still one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal.   We’ll also customize a template for you that matches your website design, to carry your branding from the web to email.
  • Fully custom, responsive design.  Nearly fifty percent of all web traffic is from mobile devices now.  When we design your website, we practice mobile-first principles to make sure your site will look good across a variety of devices, remain easy to use, and provide the same easy access to your most important content.

If you’re curious to see some of the sites we’ve developed, you can visit our portfolio of design and development work.

Beyond the systems and tools that we bring to the table for all our clients, we can also develop fully custom solutions to your individual needs. When you work with Clockpunk Studios, you work collaboratively with a designer and developer that has built dozens of author and publisher websites.  We bring over a decade of experience to the process.  Together, we will build an author website that can act as your base of operations for all your online marketing.  New to online marketing in general? We can help with that as well.

We’re always there to help you with any small issues that crop up with your website, but for those of you who would rather spend your time writing than spend it updating and maintaining a website, we also offer a low-cost annual maintenance plan.  Stop worrying about your website and let us keep it running smoothly for you!  For our maintenance clients, we monitor your site and spring into action if we detect any issues.  We take care of those annoying, regular software updates that need to be done to keep a site stable and secure. Lastly, we back up sites nightly to off-site storage to protect against catastrophic issues.  Accidentally delete your entire website? Not a problem – we can restore it in minutes.

If you find yourself with an unexpected windfall this year, consider re-investing it into your career and in online marketing.  Clockpunk Studios will be here to help you establish the perfect online presence, or even just to spruce up an existing site.   Contact us today to develop a website proposal, tailored to your specific needs.

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