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An Important Note Regarding SSL Encryption on Your Website

Recently, Google Search Console sent out an announcement regarding the usage of SSL on sites. If your site includes text fields of any sort, Google Chrome will begin displaying an “insecure” message if the site isn’t using SSL in October. My understanding is that even search fields or comment forms will trigger this labeling. We […]

Does WordPress Have a Security Problem?

Often at Clockpunk Studios, we hear some variation of the following question/concern regarding WordPress: “My friend has a WordPress site, and it got hacked. I’ve heard that WordPress has a lot of security problems, so I’m worried about using it.” We completely understand these concerns, and a few years back, we were also concerned about […]

What Does it Cost to Keep a WordPress Website Running?

A common misconception is that owning a WordPress website is free of costs. While WordPress itself is “free” software (as in beer, as well as speech), running a solid WordPress site itself isn’t free. There are some ongoing costs associated with any reliable WordPress site that people new to websites overlook or don’t understand. Let’s […]

Invest Your Tax Return in a New Website

We at Clockpunk Studios are working writers like yourself, and boy, do we know this is a trying time of the year. “Tax season,” a phrase so vile it practically sounds like profanity. And the questions that plague you have plagued us as well. Will I have a large bill? Will I receive a refund? […]

Welcome to the New Clockpunk Studios

Hello there! We’ve been hard at work for the past two months developing this website. Why? What was wrong with the old one? I hear some of you asking. Thanks for the question, probably-imaginary-but-assumed readers! Things change fast in the word of web design, and one major change since the last design has been the […]