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Does WordPress Have a Security Problem?

Often at Clockpunk Studios, we hear some variation of the following question/concern regarding WordPress: “My friend has a WordPress site, and it got hacked. I’ve heard that WordPress has a lot of security problems, so I’m worried about using it.” We completely understand these concerns, and a few years back, we were also concerned about […]

What Does it Cost to Keep a WordPress Website Running?

A common misconception is that owning a WordPress website is free of costs. While WordPress itself is “free” software (as in beer, as well as speech), running a solid WordPress site itself isn’t free. There are some ongoing costs associated with any reliable WordPress site that people new to websites overlook or don’t understand. Let’s […]

Invest Your Tax Return in a New Website

We at Clockpunk Studios are working writers like yourself, and boy, do we know this is a trying time of the year. “Tax season,” a phrase so vile it practically sounds like profanity. And the questions that plague you have plagued us as well. Will I have a large bill? Will I receive a refund? […]

Welcome to the New Clockpunk Studios

Hello there! We’ve been hard at work for the past two months developing this website. Why? What was wrong with the old one? I hear some of you asking. Thanks for the question, probably-imaginary-but-assumed readers! Things change fast in the word of web design, and one major change since the last design has been the […]