What We Do

We are a one-stop solution for WordPress-backed website design and development – from soup to nuts, we will build your site in a way that’s easy to maintain and update for years to come. Some of our specific services include:

Visual Design

We work with our clients branding and direction to create visually pleasing graphic design. We convey your attitudes and your image through careful selection of layout, color, typography, and more. For more complex work, we often work with Jenn Reese from Tiger Bright Studios, a designer who has been responsible for dozens of amazing cover designs and quite a few of our website designs.

Front-End Development

We are skilled in building the front-end code of websites as well as the background. This means we can roll our own HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more when it’s required. These days, we have our own frameworks we develop on top of for some projects, but when the timeline and budget call for it, we can use licensed themes to achieve your project’s goals.

WordPress Development: Themes and Plugins

WordPress is our favorite content management system. We’ve tried dozens over the years, and we believe that WordPress is unrivaled for flexibility, ease of use, and size of development community. WordPress developers are a generous bunch, which means there are often open source solutions to common needs. By leveraging these solutions, you get a more powerful website for a better cost.

For many projects, our WordPress themes are custom-built utilizing our own framework, specifically tailored to our client’s needs. But we’re also comfortable using pre-built solutions to deliver projects faster and on-budget.

Other Services

Long Term WordPress Support

Clockpunk Studios offers a low-cost annual maintenance plan to keep WordPress and any plugins on your site up-to-date and running the most secure code. We back up our clients entire sites nightly to off-server storage and monitor for issues so your downtime will be minimal. We’re also happy to work with clients in a support capacity even for sites that we didn’t build ourselves for additional onboarding fees.

Content Development and SEO Marketing

Our partners in content marketing have dozens of years of experience writing and producing content that gets visitors to sites and ranks them higher in search engine results. We can work with you to source high quality content for a new project, or even if you’re looking to take an existing project and develop new content and copy.

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