An Important Note Regarding SSL Encryption on Your Website

Recently, Google Search Console sent out an announcement regarding the usage of SSL on sites.  If your site includes text fields of any sort, Google Chrome will begin displaying an “insecure” message if the site isn’t using SSL in October.  My understanding is that even search fields or comment forms will trigger this labeling. We can quibble about whether such fields actually present any kind of security risk, but that label is coming and you most likely won’t want it when visitors come to your site.  This means your URL will need to be https:// rather than http://

Clockpunk Studios is offering an easy package to our clients handle this change for you with your WordPress website.  We can resolve the URL issue, make sure your traffic redirects from http:// to https:// and get a free certificate installed from you, provided your hosting platform offers one (otherwise, you will need to buy a secure certificate from your hosting platform, but these are increasingly affordable).  This package cost is a one time fee of $100 to cover our time making these changes.

There is a big push to get all websites securely encrypted in 2017, and Clockpunk Studios is here to help you get on board!  Send us an email at to get on my calendar and get this upgrade taken care of for your site.


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