Effectively Engaging Readers – A Continuous Practice

Most Authors hope that their readership is engaged by their work. This motivates  authors to look for writing advice, tips, and examples on how to engage the reader. It’s challenging to hold the attention of your audience these days, with so much published material out there and many other media options. What makes your work stand out in comparison to every other published author, and how can you draw and keep your readers’ attention? A well-designed and maintained WordPress author’s site is a valuable tool in engaging and keeping your readers’ attention. 

Pursue your writing and audience with enthusiasm. Regardless of your subject matter, your readers will be able to tell if you are writing about a subject close to your heart. Choose subject matter, reflected in your WordPress site, that you’re really interested in sharing with readers. This will make it easier for you to captivate readers by letting your enthusiasm shine through in your work, and helps readers discover you through your WordPress author’s page.

These days, authors trying to engage significantly with readers should look beyond the text of books or other traditional media to the internet. Many popular writers already have a strong presence online, whether via their own WordPress website or social media, and regularly interact with a strong base of followers or fans. Consider blogging, podcasting or producing a YouTube channel to connect with readers and potential readers directly through your Author’s page. Build a professional and friendly image, focused on your writing, on social media sites frequented by your target audience, such as Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, or Instagram. Established publishers are much more likely to work with new writers who already have a following, and writers who self-publish will find it difficult to prosper without one.

The most tested and reliable writing advice is to write constantly, revise often, and seek input from your readers and peers. Getting feedback from readers will teach you how to engage your audience and get them to pay attention to your words. Your social media presence is a valuable resource for receiving and responding to feedback,and is a great way to show your connection to your work, while communicating with your audience on a personal level. Reader feedback and interaction is easy to achieve with a WordPress author’s page. 

With these ideas in mind, it’s time to set your goal to growing your audience base. Start by considering a press release. When you are releasing a new book or short story, or if you’re launching a podcast or YouTube channel focused on your writing, a press release is one of the best routes to spreading the word so you can start expanding the audience for your writing. Press releases are easy to integrate into the blog feature of your WordPress site.

All of these techniques are easy to integrate into an author’s page, and the modularity of WordPress makes it ideal for maintaining and quickly updating your presence on the internet. Allocating the time and resources to engage readers will ensure that more readers discover your work, and that those readers will be back for everything you publish down the road.

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