10 Short, Sharp SEO Tips for WordPress Bloggers

Here at Clockpunk Studios, we are big believers in the WordPress engine, and we’re also big believers in SEO. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is how you make sure that your website is easy for search engines to find, which in turn makes it easy for readers and customers to find, and, after all, what good is a website if nobody sees it? So that’s why we’ve collected a handful of quick SEO tips that can help search engines find your site and get your blog in front of the readers that you want:

  1. Use good hosting. It may not seem intuitive, but your hosting provider has a big impact on SEO. If your site is slow or unresponsive, it will look less appealing not only to readers, but to search engines like Google. Which leads us to…
  2. Keep your homepage fast. Clockpunk websites are designed to maximize loading time on the homepage, which can boost search results and keep readers from clicking away.
  3. Use images that are optimized for faster loading. Bulky images can slow down your site and negatively impact your SEO. You can resize images within WordPress or use external programs like WP Smush.
  4. Create great content. When it comes to SEO, “content is king.” That means that original, dynamic content will draw in search engines while static content or content that is unclear or difficult to read drives them off. Don’t have the time or inclination to create your own regular content? At Clockpunk Studios, our entire staff is made up of writers, and we’re happy to help create engaging content with our copywriting services!
  5. Know your keywords, and use them. Keywords are important when it comes to helping search engines find your site. Know what keywords you’re trying to hit, and make sure that you use them in your content in a way that feels natural. It’s also a good idea to use keywords early on, preferably within the first 100 words of each post, whenever possible.
  6. But don’t overuse them. Keywords are great, but “keyword littering,” or cramming too many keywords into one post, is considered out-of-bounds by search engines and is off-putting to readers. As a rule of them, only use keywords when doing so feels natural and un-forced.
  7. Guest post. A great way to build out your brand and your SEO imprint is to do guest posts on other, reputable sites that then link back to your own. But remember that Google’s search algorithms are getting smarter every day, and so they can tell when you’re being to blatantly “sales-y.” Only do guest posts when you’ve genuinely got something to say on the subject, and only link back to your site when it makes sense to do so.
  8. Use images. The modern internet is a very visual place, and content that incorporates relevant images generates fully 94% more traffic than content without.
  9. Optimize for mobile. According to Google, more searches are now happening on mobile devices than on desktops. With mobile taking up a bigger and bigger share of the search market, sites that aren’t mobile-optimized are in danger of being left behind. At Clockpunk Studios, we’ll always help ensure that your website is ready for mobile.
  10. Keep it clean. A tidy website is an SEO-friendly website. Keep an eye out for broken links, moderate content regularly, and update plug-ins. Don’t have time to tidy up your website yourself? Not to worry. Clockpunk Studios offers ongoing WordPress support that can help do it for you!

Maintaining a blog and keeping on top of the latest in SEO tips and tricks can be a chore, but it’s worth it when it comes to big returns in search engine rankings and new readers. Need a little help getting started, or making sure that your website’s SEO is up to snuff? Contact us at Clockpunk Studios, and we can help optimize your website today!

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