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Why Don’t You Offer Hosting?

Here at Clockpunk Studios, we build the majority of our websites using the WordPress engine. We think it’s a pretty great way to build websites, and we must not be alone, since WordPress now powers fully 25% of the internet. But WordPress websites rely on a hosting service to stay “on the air” and operational, […]

The Importance of Revisions

Here at Clockpunk Studios, many of our clients are writers, and all writers know the importance of revisions. Whether it’s your first pass back through a rough draft, incorporating the feedback from your beta readers, or handling heavy revision notes from your agent, editor, or publisher, the revision process is a key part of writing. […]

Why the New Year is the Perfect Time for a New Author Website

Yeah, we know, years are basically just arbitrary units of time that we use to measure out our course through a cold and indifferent universe, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t use those arbitrary markers to our advantage. For most people, the New Year is about new beginnings, including a lot of resolutions that […]

Looking Back: Clockpunk Studios in 2016

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to start completely abandoning all those well-intentioned New Year’s Resolutions about hitting the gym more often, saving more money, and not just eating sticks of butter¬†dipped in chocolate chips anymore. That also means it’s time for a look back at the year gone by… 2016 was a […]

What to Get for the Writer on Your List

There must be a lot of writers in the world, just judging by the number of writer-themed gift ideas there are floating around there every year around the holidays. From t-shirts and mugs emblazoned with debatably pithy sayings to notebooks, writing-related apps and software, and even gadgets like the Freewrite wireless typewriter. In spite of […]

Why Should You Own Your Own Site?

These days there are so many places and ways to be online, that having an author website may feel almost like an anachronism. After all, everybody is on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat or Tumblr, so couldn’t you find a much bigger audience simply by having a presence on there? And certainly, may […]


In spite of the… tumultuous things that have been going on in the news over the past week or so, plenty of people all over the country are still struggling to get their novels written for this year’s National Novel Writing Month. (Even your humble blogger here is actually inadvertently participating, since I’m working on […]

How to Make a Monster

Just about every kind of writing involves at least a little bit of world building. For some writers it may just be creating your characters and the places where they live and work in a story that is otherwise wholly naturalistic and set in the really real world, but pretty much all of us here […]

All Hallow’s Read

A few years ago, Neil Gaiman suggested a “modest proposal” that became All Hallow’s Read, a tradition in which we give people scary books to read for Halloween. Seems simple enough, right? And while it may not yet be as popular as, say,¬†trick-or-treating or giving people presents at Christmastime, it has certainly caught on with […]

WordPress Security: How to Make Your Site Hack-proof (as much as possible)

Okay, we admit it, no site is ever going to be 100% hack-proof. But there are some simple steps that you can take to help protect your author website from hacks and keep it safe. Here at Clockpunk Studios, we’ve been working in web design for years, and over that time we’ve seen too many […]

Congratulations to All the Hugo Award Winners!

In spite of another somewhat-embarrassing-for-all-involved puppy-related debacle when it came to the nominees for the 2016 Hugo Awards, the winners who were announced at WorldCon over the weekend were a resounding rebuff to the nostalgia crowd and a reminder that science fiction is about looking forward, not looking back. We here at Clockpunk Studios would […]

10 Short, Sharp SEO Tips for WordPress Bloggers

Here at Clockpunk Studios, we are big believers in the WordPress engine, and we’re also big believers in SEO. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is how you make sure that your website is easy for search engines to find, which in turn makes it easy for readers and customers to find, and, after all, what […]