Congratulations to All the Hugo Award Winners!

In spite of another somewhat-embarrassing-for-all-involved puppy-related debacle when it came to the nominees for the 2016 Hugo Awards, the winners who were announced at WorldCon over the weekend were a resounding rebuff to the nostalgia crowd and a reminder that science fiction is about looking forward, not looking back. We here at Clockpunk Studios would like to offer our heartfelt […]

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Why WordPress?

Here at Clockpunk Studios, we primarily build our websites using custom-designed templates on the WordPress platform. So the question is bound to come up from time to time: Why use WordPress, when there are so many other content management systems available to authors, publishers, and web designers when it comes to building websites? At Clockpunk Studios, we love WordPress, and

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Magazine Clients

While we here at Clockpunk Studios are particularly proud of the launch of Congress Magazine, thanks to the involvement of Editrix and Clockpunk collaborator Molly Tanzer, Congress was by no means our first magazine rodeo. In fact, we’ve designed the websites–and done other back-end work–for a number of major magazines across a variety of different genres. Here are a few of the other

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Who is Clockpunk Studios?

Here at Clockpunk Studios, we design all kinds of websites, for all kinds of clients. But our focus from day one has been on designing the very best websites for authors, editors, publishers, and magazines, and there’s one reason for that: We’re writers too, just like you are. As such, we like to think that we understand where writers are

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More Than Just Websites

At Clockpunk Studios, our focus is on building websites. We especially love building beautiful, functional, intuitive, and fully-customized websites for authors, editors, publishers, and magazines. But while websites may be our primary focus, they’re far from all that we do. Clockpunk Studios is a web design company run for authors by authors. Every member of our staff has put in our time

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