Congratulations to the 2016 Hugo Award Nominees!

We would like to extend our sincere congratulations to all the Hugo Award Nominees, those whose works were deemed to have sufficient artistic merit to make the list of finalists for science fiction’s most prestigious award. And while there has been some controversy, to put it mildly, surrounding the Hugo Awards for the last couple of years, this year’s awards are particularly special to us here at Clockpunk Studios, because they will be presented at MidAmeriCon II right here in our own back yard of Kansas City.

Of course, we’re only human, and so all of us have our favorites, and we at Clockpunk Studios are particularly proud of our clients who’ve made it to the Hugo final ballot. These include former Hugo and Nebula Award-winner Ann Leckie, whose Ancillary Mercy is up for Best Novel this year.

It also includes some representation for a couple of our magazine clients, with Lightspeed seeing a mention in the novelette category for Brooke Bolander’s “And You Shall Know Her By the Trail of Dead,” which was also a finalist for both the Nebula and Locus Awards. It will be competing for the honor with a story from Uncanny Magazine in the form of Hao Jingfang’s “Folding Beijing,” as translated by Ken Liu. “Folding Beijing” is also a Locus Award finalist. Meanwhile, Uncanny Magazine is itself a Hugo finalist for Best Semiprozine, while John Joseph Adams, editor of Lightspeed, Nightmare, and many other venues has been nominated for Best Editor, Short Form.

As always, we don’t really think that having a killer website designed by Clockpunk Studios helped any of these writers achieve their well-deserved critical success. But, well, it couldn’t have hurt, right?

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