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Imagine a witty double-entendre here…

Earlier this month,  we welcomed into existence our latest (NSFW) project here at Clockpunk Studios: Congress Magazine, a serial publication of “thoughtful erotica” coming your way every other month, edited by our very own Molly Tanzer and featuring work by some of the very best writers of highly literary (and highly arousing) smut around! The first issue, which is online for free for your delectation or for purchase via Amazon and Weightless Books, features luscious stories by luminaries like Livia Llewellyn, Robert Levy, Matthew Addison, and David Nickle. Like what you read? You can also subscribe to a full year’s worth of Congress at Weightless Books!

What is Congress Magazine all about? In the words of Editrix Molly Tanzer, Congress is here to bring you “stories that excite the mind and bewitch the senses as they draw the reader in with strong plots and unforgettable characters.” And isn’t that what we all want from our fiction, whether it’s erotica or anything else? We believe that there’s no reason you should have to leave your brain or your sense of taste at the door when you want some high-quality erotica. With Congress, you can have your cake and eat it too. (Am I doing double entendres right now?)

“Readers and subscribers can expect hot stories that make them care why the subjects of these tales are doing what they’re doing and how it affects them, emotionally as well as sexually; will begin each tale wondering what’s going to happen—and depart speculating on what might happen after.” If that sounds good to you, head on over to Congress Magazine to sample the various delights on offer. And if you want to learn more, you can always subscribe to the Congress Mag newsletter, or follow Congress on Facebook or Twitter.

Future issues of Congress may expand the magazine’s remit to include nonfiction, comics, or essays, though always focused on providing thoughtful and tantalizing erotica. So keep an eye out, and check back when the August issue drops to see what Congress has got in store for you!

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