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Congress Magazine

Imagine a witty double-entendre here… Earlier this month,  we welcomed into existence our latest (NSFW) project here at Clockpunk Studios: Congress Magazine, a serial publication of “thoughtful erotica” coming your way every other month, edited by our very own Molly Tanzer and featuring work by some of the very best writers of highly literary (and highly arousing) smut around! The

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Announcing: CONGRESS

Clockpunk Studios is pleased to announce its newest endeavor: Congress, a magazine of thoughtful erotica. Debuting in June of 2016, Congress will be a bimonthly magazine featuring stories with strong plots and compelling characters, as well as the most voluptuous of carnal encounters, curated by writer and editor Molly Tanzer. Sign up for our newsletter, “like” our Facebook page, and

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Track Your Writing Progress With Clockpunk’s New Feature

Whether you’re writing a short story, novelette, novella, or a novel, making progress on your current work-in-progress feels great. It doesn’t matter if you put in a solid hour or a long day, it’s rewarding knowing you’ve moved forward with something creative. That more of something that’s in your mind and your heart has been transmogrified via hard work into

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The Hugo Awards

The Hugo Award is one of the highest accolades given out by the science fiction and fantasy communities. The Hugos are awarded at the annual World Science Fiction Convention, which travels around the globe to a new location each year, and it’s quite the event for the SFF community. Eligible works must be written in English and published in the year

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Welcome Matty!

We’re happy to announce the newest member of the Clockpunk Studios team! For the last eight months we’ve been interested in hiring a new recruit, and we’ve finally found the perfect candidate. He’s proven himself to be eager, on time (early, actually), persistent, and eager to advocate for himself. All joking aside, Matthew Manley Tolbert was born to Sarah and

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