WordPress is Great for Small Businesses!

Here at Clockpunk Studios we’re big fans of WordPress. That may not come as much of a surprise, since we use it to power most of the websites that we build. It seems that we’re not the only ones who like WordPress, though. In fact, WordPress currently powers more than 25% of the Internet! Not just blogs or author websites–the entire Internet!

One of the big places where WordPress is making its mark is as a resource for small businesses. As part of its recent SMB Trust Index, Alignable named WordPress the most trusted software for small businesses across the country. The index asked small business owners to rank national companies using the same Net Promoter Score approach that companies use to gauge customer loyalty. Business owners ranked the companies they used on a scale of 1 to 10, then that data was collated to produce a net score ranging from 100 for the most trusted to negative 100 for the least. After collecting data from more than 6,000 small business owners all over North America, the end result found WordPress with a substantial lead over other companies when it came to trustworthiness.

Noting that “WordPress proves ‘free’ doesn’t always mean ‘junk,'” Alignable’s SMB Trust Index gave WordPress a score of 73 out of 100, the highest score of any of the companies or services that were ranked in the index, beating out such powerhouses as Google, PayPal, and Facebook. In fact, the next highest score on the index was a 58, which went to payment-making service Authorize.Net, while MailChimp took the #3 spot with a score of 50. At the other end of the spectrum, Yelp and Groupon rounded out the bottom of the list with scores of -66 and -65, respectively.

Eric Groves, the co-founder and CEO of Alignable, attributed the high score of WordPress to its community. “I knew it was a great platform,” he said, “but I didn’t know that their following was that ravenous.” Ravenous or not, Alignable’s SMB Trust Index just goes to prove what we already knew: That WordPress is a great resource for small businesses! Here at Clockpunk Studios, we mostly build websites for the kinds of small businesses that include authors, editors, publishers, and magazines, but we’ve also done work for small businesses of all kinds, such as Wild Things Pet Services.

Whatever kind of small business you have, chances are a WordPress website from Clockpunk Studios can provide the website solutions that you need. Contact us today to jump on board the most trusted resource for small business on the Net!

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