In Praise of Small Things

A few decades ago, “big” was in. Big Gulps, Big Box Stores, megachurches, the Notorious B.I.G., supersized meals… there was even a movie, Big. We loved the perceived value of buying “in bulk,” and neighborhoods welcomed the arrivals of Super Walmarts and Super Targets. Bigger was almost universally considered to be better. Nowadays, the pendulum has swung back, and “little”

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Taking our Own Advice

As a web design studio, obviously we here at Clockpunk Studios care deeply about cultivating a robust and meaningful web presence not just for our clients, but for ourselves. That’s why we recently redesigned and relaunched our studio site, in order to showcase our favorite elegant, clean aesthetics, as well as highlight our wide range of design skills and tools

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How Secure is Your Website?

One of the many reasons we here at Clockpunk Studios love WordPress so darn much is security. WordPress has made security a priority, so that you don’t have to worry—as much—about your website being hacked by creepy pharmacies trying to sell…. well, you know what they’re trying to sell, or by companies so desperate to work the mechanics of the

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Clockpunk Studios Recommends WPEngine for WordPress Site Hosting

Clockpunk Studios is a web design studio, and that means we get involved with your website at every level. If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that not only do we produce the finest, cleanest, most robustly-designed author and small business websites around (in our opinion, at least), we also care about our customers. We want them

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Empowering Authors

Did you know that Jeremiah Tolbert, the founder of Clockpunk Studios and our primary web designer, is also an author himself? That’s right—Jeremiah’s fiction can be found in magazines including Ideomancer, Interzone, Shimmer, Fantasy, and Lightspeed, and anthologies like Federations and The Way of the Wizard. He’s been publishing fiction for over ten years. That kind of publishing experience, coupled

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Welcome Matty!

We’re happy to announce the newest member of the Clockpunk Studios team! For the last eight months we’ve been interested in hiring a new recruit, and we’ve finally found the perfect candidate. He’s proven himself to be eager, on time (early, actually), persistent, and eager to advocate for himself. All joking aside, Matthew Manley Tolbert was born to Sarah and

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Clockpunk Studios, Online Publishing, and You

Online magazines are hot right now. The speed and beauty of online publishing, combined with the ease of producing beautiful issues, not to mention the low overhead costs, have made the Internet the venue of choice for professional-rate magazines and indie ‘zines alike. Even traditional print magazines typically have online content these days, whether it’s snippets of stories that give

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The Five Minute Rule

Here at Clockpunk Studios, we’re big supporters of the “five minute rule.” No, no. Not the five second rule—the rule where you’re “allowed” to eat something delicious that tragically falls onto a germy surface if you snatch it back up again fast enough. The five minute rule, which plays out much differently—and more to our clients’ advantage. The Clockpunk Studios

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