The Five Minute Rule

Here at Clockpunk Studios, we’re big supporters of the “five minute rule.”

Grab it fast, it's probably still good!
Grab back it fast, it’s probably still good!

No, no. Not the five second rule—the rule where you’re “allowed” to eat something delicious that tragically falls onto a germy surface if you snatch it back up again fast enough. The five minute rule, which plays out much differently—and more to our clients’ advantage.

The Clockpunk Studios “five minute rule” is simply this: if something goes wrong with your website—either a website we built, or your website that you signed up for the Clockpunk Studios Care Package—if it takes fewer than five minutes to fix, we won’t charge you for the labor. It’s comped, courtesy of the management.

Some design studios and website maintenance specialists consider any portion of an hour (or half-hour) spent maintaining a client’s website billable. They charge you for every little thing that they fix… which is fine if you have a laundry list of little stuff you want done to your site that will take up a chunk of someone’s day. But if one widget needs an update, or some other minor concern comes up in the course of your day, we here at Clockpunk Studios will take care of it for you, no questions asked, no billable hours billed.

Why do this? Obviously—and not to put too fine a point on it—we’d make quite a bit more money in any given month if we billed our clients for every single tiny little thing that had to be done in a day. The thing is, Clockpunk clients tend to be small business owners. Authors, both established and early-career. Organizations that exist to serve their members. Magazines, or smaller publishers. Maybe you don’t immediately see the pattern, but basically you can think about it like this: we build sites for people who don’t always have tons of extra cash just lying around.

Frankly, that’s how we like it. We love building easy-to-use, clean, and effective sites for smaller companies and individuals—and we don’t want to nickel-and-dime folks like that. That would make us giant jerks. Instead, we want our clients to be confident and secure during the design process, happy when they receive their website, and we want them to thrive after it goes live and begins helping them with their hopes and goals.

As a design studio, our clients’ success is our success. It only helps us, after all, when we have more and more beautiful sites around the internet, with happy customers using them, updating them, succeeding through them. To our minds, it’s in our best interest to give a little back here and there. So that’s why we implemented the Clockpunk Studios Five Minute Rule.

If our philosophy intrigues you, and you’d like to work with us, contact us today!

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