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Did you know that Jeremiah Tolbert, the founder of Clockpunk Studios and our primary web designer, is also an author himself?

That’s right—Jeremiah’s fiction can be found in magazines including Ideomancer, Interzone, Shimmer, Fantasy, and Lightspeed, and anthologies like Federations and The Way of the Wizard. He’s been publishing fiction for over ten years. That kind of publishing experience, coupled with his 15+ years of experience doing web design, makes Clockpunk Studios an ideal company for writers looking to expand their web presence.

At Clockpunk Studios, we understand writers. We understand that a writer’s primary concern is rarely building him- or herself an amazing, user-friendly website with an elegant design, easy-to-use features, and up-to-the-minute technology. Rather, writers are concerned with writing. Let’s face it—when you’re a writer, there’s always a deadline, or several deadlines, lurking in the background. Whether they’re self-imposed or editor-mandated, they take first priority in the writer’s mind.

The thing is… web presence is important. A website that looks like some Geocities piece of junk from 1997 isn’t going to cut it any longer (well, unless you’re George R.R. Martin, and even he updated his homepage recently). Why? Well, gone are the days when authors send in manuscripts as their readership sits around, waiting patiently for books to come out. Readers want to follow their favorite authors online. They want to read their blogs—know when new books are coming out—explore an author’s backlist while waiting for that new series entry—follow them on Twitter—be “friends” or at least like a fan page on Facebook. It makes them feel connected to their favorite characters, or at least the mind behind them.

To that end, Clockpunk Studios offers a host of tools for our author clients. For example, we can create custom book pages for each of your publications, with easily-added secondary pages for material like excerpts, bonus materials for your readership, giveaways, and so on.

These book pages aren’t just extra pages, either. We include custom fields for blurbs or excerpts from favorable reviews, buy links for every retailer or format (hardcover, trade paperback, ebook, etc.). We also create customized taxonomies so that you can display your books by genre, publisher, series, whatever you like! We can also install widgets so that you can feature different books in different sidebars.

We want to create a site for you full of tools that help you organize your writing to display it to the world. You’re a creator, and we believe you should focus on that. Promotion is part of the life of a working writer, and with a Clockpunk Studios site, you’ll be empowered to do whatever needs doing to get your work out there while focusing on what’s important: your work, and doing it.

If you’re interested one of our custom author sites, contact us today! We’re confident you’ll love our style and what we have to offer you.




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