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Does WordPress Have a Security Problem?

Often at Clockpunk Studios, we hear some variation of the following question/concern regarding WordPress: “My friend has a WordPress site, and it got hacked. I’ve heard that WordPress has a lot of security problems, so I’m worried about using it.” We completely understand these concerns, and a few years back, we were also concerned about […]

Congrats to the World Fantasy Award Winners for 2016!

A lot of fun stuff happened over the Halloween weekend, which is maybe why we here at Clockpunk Studios are just now getting around to posting anything about it. (Speaking for myself, as a writer who specializes in horror and a consumer who specializes in monster movies, October is always a busy month for me.) […]

I Participated in NaNoWriMo! Now What?

Are you one of the more than 300,000 people who participated in National Novel Writing Month in November? If so, you may now have more than 50,000 words of novel that you didn’t have before. So the question becomes: what next? Fortunately, the official NaNoWriMo website provides a variety of resources for helping new novelists […]

5 Things Every Author Website Needs

Here at Clockpunk Studios, author websites are what we do. While we also do websites for publishers, magazines, and other businesses, we got our start building author websites, and—as authors ourselves—author websites remain our passion. That’s why we try to make sure that every author website we build is tailored to the needs of the […]

Avoiding the XY Problem and Author Web Design

You wake up one day and your vision is blurry. You Google “blurry vision,” eyes pressed nearly to your computer screen, and find a bunch of websites that advocate eating licorice root for eye health. So you have your significant other drive you to the health food store and get some licorice root extract and […]

The Clockpunk Studios Client Bill of Rights

Here at Clockpunk Studios, we pride ourselves on being a client-focused design studio. That means we’re always thinking about and considering your rights as a client. We’re not talking about “legalese” in a contract (although we endeavor to have as little of that as possible, designing our agreements to make sense to layperson and lawyer […]

Announcing the Clockpunk Studios Site Care Package!

Do you sometimes forget to regularly update your WordPress site? Do you find it tiresome to keep abreast of WordPress news—stuff like plugin updates, or the rare security threats to WordPress? Do you wish your site was regularly backed up? Do you worry about what to do if your site goes down? Do you ever […]

Congratulations, Hugo Finalists!

The Hugo Award is one of this industry’s highest honors. Many have called them the “Writer Oscars” and rightly so. The 2014 finalists have just been announced, and we here at Clockpunk Studios would like to say congratulations to all the nominees! The full breakdown can be found on the Hugo Awards home page, but we’d like […]