Increasing Your Blog’s Exposure: Proven and Easy Tips

There are hundreds of millions of blogs on the internet, so directing traffic to yours can seem like an impossible task.  Lack of traffic can make a blog seem like a waste of time. There are, however, many tried and tested methods for significantly increasing the exposure of your WordPress blog. The time you spend promoting your blog should be at least equal to the time spent writing it, if not considerably more.

Keyword optimization is the paramount concern in getting more traffic to your site. WordPress blogs can use keywords to ensure that the major search engines, such as Google, return their site as a result when users search for terms related to the subject of your blogs. Identify words and phrases that are relevant to your audience, relatively uncommon, and then use them frequently throughout your blog, including in the header and descriptive parts. 

Featuring a guest blog post from a peer is an excellent boost to both bloggers. Seek guest blogs and write blogs for other WordPress sites to engage your overlapping audiences and build your reputation in your field. Social media is a good aid for finding people to share posts with. Start by leaving comments on others’ blogs to establish a relationship before contacting other authors about possible guest blogs.

Social media is also an excellent way to promote your blogs for free. Regularly linking your blog to your social media profile and posting about new blogs are useful ways to attract new viewers. Engaging with your peers’ posts is a good way to build professional friendships that can increase your professional reputation and help direct more people to your own work. Facebook groups are a good way to find new ideas and material for your blog. Quora is also useful as a source of blogging material relevant to your WordPress website and as a tool for finding others in your professional community. Billions of people visit social platforms every day, it’s easy to capture some of that traffic for yourself.

Posting new blogs on a frequent and consistent schedule is key to maintaining readership. Nobody likes an abandoned blog, or one that feels inconsistent. Regularly having new content  will keep users coming back and engaging with the contents of your WordPress website on a continual basis. It’s also important to interact with readers in the comments section of your blog, which can serve as a useful promotion (people will return much more often to a blog where they are involved in a conversation) and answer any questions users might have about your work. 

Holding a contest or giveaway is a great way to push a large volume of traffic to your website. People love the idea of competing on the internet, and the possibility of getting something free can drive impressive numbers of people to your WordPress site. Decide on a prize (even if it’s just bragging rights), establish the rules and conditions, set a deadline, and then use the techniques above to publicize your contest or giveaway. 

WordPress is an excellent platform for your blog, and using easy and free promotional methods like these can grow your blog (and the impact it has on your website) quickly. Clockpunk Studios looks forward to helping you grow your blog and brand.

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