All Hallow’s Read

A few years ago, Neil Gaiman suggested a “modest proposal” that became All Hallow’s Read, a tradition in which we give people scary books to read for Halloween. Seems simple enough, right? And while it may not yet be as popular as, say, trick-or-treating or giving people presents at Christmastime, it has certainly caught on with a few people, and seems […]

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WordPress Security: How to Make Your Site Hack-proof (as much as possible)

Okay, we admit it, no site is ever going to be 100% hack-proof. But there are some simple steps that you can take to help protect your author website from hacks and keep it safe. Here at Clockpunk Studios, we’ve been working in web design for years, and over that time we’ve seen too many authors, editors, and even publishers

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Congratulations to All the Hugo Award Winners!

In spite of another somewhat-embarrassing-for-all-involved puppy-related debacle when it came to the nominees for the 2016 Hugo Awards, the winners who were announced at WorldCon over the weekend were a resounding rebuff to the nostalgia crowd and a reminder that science fiction is about looking forward, not looking back. We here at Clockpunk Studios would like to offer our heartfelt

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Managed WordPress with WP Engine & Summer Savings!

Whether you’re setting up just a single blog or a complex, interlocking site, there’s a good chance that you can benefit from managed WordPress hosting and support. What’s the difference? Faster speed, scalable, secure architecture, and top-notch customer support, to name a few. Here at Clockpunk Studios, WP Engine is one of the solutions that we recommend for your managed

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Why WordPress?

Here at Clockpunk Studios, we primarily build our websites using custom-designed templates on the WordPress platform. So the question is bound to come up from time to time: Why use WordPress, when there are so many other content management systems available to authors, publishers, and web designers when it comes to building websites? At Clockpunk Studios, we love WordPress, and

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Magazine Clients

While we here at Clockpunk Studios are particularly proud of the launch of Congress Magazine, thanks to the involvement of Editrix and Clockpunk collaborator Molly Tanzer, Congress was by no means our first magazine rodeo. In fact, we’ve designed the websites–and done other back-end work–for a number of major magazines across a variety of different genres. Here are a few of the other

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Congress Magazine

Imagine a witty double-entendre here… Earlier this month,  we welcomed into existence our latest (NSFW) project here at Clockpunk Studios: Congress Magazine, a serial publication of “thoughtful erotica” coming your way every other month, edited by our very own Molly Tanzer and featuring work by some of the very best writers of highly literary (and highly arousing) smut around! The

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