Best By: Why Freshness Matters in SEO

We all know that Google’s search algorithms prioritize fresh, dynamic, and engaging content. It’s the reason why the old trick of dumping a bunch of keywords into a pile at the bottom of the page doesn’t cut it anymore, and why copy-and-pasting the same content to multiple sites tends to dull its impact. But did you know that Google also expects your existing content to change with the times?

According to the blog Moz, Google prioritizes fresh content in its search rankings, not just when it’s looking for new blog entries, but when it comes to static pages, too. So if your home page or your “about the author” page stay the same for too long, Google may drop them lower in its search rankings.

Just like when you go to the grocery store and buy a carton of milk, Google’s software stamps your page with a “freshness date” the first time it indexes a page. If your page goes too long without changing, Google’s algorithms may bump it down the “freshness” chain, making it less likely to show up on searches. So, just like that carton of milk, if you just leave your content sitting out for too long, it can spoil.

But that doesn’t mean all is lost! There are lots of ways to air out stale pages and give them new life in Google’s search rankings! Frequent blog updates can help keep your home page healthy, while static pages can be revitalized with new content or–better yet–a complete rewrite from time to time. If your “about the author” page has been the same for a few years, there’s a good chance that the info on it is outdated anyway, so isn’t it time to give it another look?

There are, of course, exceptions. Some content is considered so authoritative that changing it could actually do damage. Any content that continually gets high engagement and is basically seen as the most authoritative take on a subject will get good search rankings regardless of its age, and is often more successful than someone’s “hot take” on the same topic. Like wine, some content just gets better with age.

It’s tough to know whether you’ve created that kind of timeless, evergreen content without the help of someone like Clockpunk Studios, who can see and interpret the back end data of engagement and SEO. And even if you do have some evergreen content on your site, chances are the rest of your page could always benefit from some new, dynamic content, or a rewrite of a page that’s maybe been around a little past its “best by” date. If you need help with SEO, adding fresh and exciting content to your site, or just aren’t sure when it’s time to update your “about the author page,” contact Clockpunk Studios and let us help you keep your author website as fresh as the day you launched it!

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