The Importance of Revisions

Here at Clockpunk Studios, many of our clients are writers, and all writers know the importance of revisions. Whether it’s your first pass back through a rough draft, incorporating the feedback from your beta readers, or handling heavy revision notes from your agent, editor, or publisher, the revision process is a key part of writing. There’s a saying in film […]

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Why the New Year is the Perfect Time for a New Author Website

Yeah, we know, years are basically just arbitrary units of time that we use to measure out our course through a cold and indifferent universe, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t use those arbitrary markers to our advantage. For most people, the New Year is about new beginnings, including a lot of resolutions that don’t usually last through the

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More Than Just Websites

At Clockpunk Studios, our focus is on building websites. We especially love building beautiful, functional, intuitive, and fully-customized websites for authors, editors, publishers, and magazines. But while websites may be our primary focus, they’re far from all that we do. Clockpunk Studios is a web design company run for authors by authors. Every member of our staff has put in our time

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Taking our Own Advice

As a web design studio, obviously we here at Clockpunk Studios care deeply about cultivating a robust and meaningful web presence not just for our clients, but for ourselves. That’s why we recently redesigned and relaunched our studio site, in order to showcase our favorite elegant, clean aesthetics, as well as highlight our wide range of design skills and tools

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What’s on your billboard?

If the Internet is a highway, your website is your billboard. Most of us have been driving somewhere on a road trip and seen billboards that look… well, less like they’re advertising Crazy Bob’s Discount Used Furniture (“Deals So Crazy… They’re Crazy!”) and more like they’re luring the unwary to some sort of House of 1000 Corpses situation. You know what

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