Why Fonts are an Important Design Element of A Website

FontsFonts and typefaces are something that some people care passionately about, and others, not at all. Some people know what typeface they’re reading right now; others couldn’t recognize any individual ones beyond Comic Sans, Papyrus, and maybe Old English.

Whatever your personal stance, we here at Clockpunk Studios care a lot about fonts. Why? Well, believe it or not, your website’s typeface affects your readership’s reading experience. Something that may seem so trivial to the font-unaware is actually extremely important.

Your website’s typeface should look right with your site design—meaning, you wouldn’t want something extremely ornate with lots of flourishes or curlicues if your design is clean and spare, nor would you necessarily want the most minimalistic typeface possible if your website is flowery and fancy. Also, typefaces can be used to evoke a certain mood. When we design a site for an author of hard scifi, we tend to gravitate to typefaces that look futuristic in some way, whereas for an author who primarily writes historical fiction we’d likely pitch an initial design that uses a more old-fashioned typeface.

But our passion for typefaces goes far beyond the merely aesthetic. Some are simply more legible than others, and we want our clients’ sites to be as readable as possible. You take a lot of time crafting the content on your website, so we want your readers to enjoy the experience of reading it. Additionally, we know that not everyone reads your website on his or her computer—given the rise of people using tablets or phones as their primary way of accessing the Internet, we’ll make sure your typeface is easy to read on a mobile device, not just the larger screen of a laptop or home computer.

It used to be that there were only a handful of typefaces that looked great online. These days, advances in technology mean that websites can be as rich and crafted as any book cover. That doesn’t mean all these typefaces are free, however. In fact, using only free typefaces severely limits your options these days, and since typefaces are a passion of ours here at Clockpunk Studios, we subscribe to a font service called Typekit.

Typekit is only one of the resource tools we subscribe to in order to create unique, beautiful websites for our clients. The license fee we pay to use their impressive library of literally thousands of typefaces is worth it in order to make our websites rich and interesting and unique.

When you become a Clockpunk Client you can expect a responsive site that works well and is user-friendly (for you and your readership). But you can also expect a dynamic site with flourishes that go beyond the masthead and any other design elements. Typefaces are just one way we create immersive and intriguing websites sure to catch the eye of new readers and evoke your particular genius to your established readership.

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