How to Set Off Fireworks (with your Blogging)

It’s almost the 4th of July, and for many Americans that means blockbuster movies, cookouts, and, of course, fireworks. But fireworks don’t have to be reserved for special occasions; you can set off fireworks any time by creating great content on your website and social media!

Think about the feeling you get when you watch a firework display, or the look on your kid’s face the first time you set off fireworks at home. That’s the kind of wonder you want to produce in your readers when you put together a blog post. After all, if you can capture that kind of rapt attention, then chances are you’ve got yourself a fan. Just like when setting off real fireworks, though, there are certain steps you should follow in order to do so effectively and safely.

  • Use the right stuff. To get the most bang for your buck, you need the best fireworks, and that’s true in blogging too. Write about things that are important and that matter to you, and you’ll get a lot more eyeballs on your work and a lot more investment from readers.
  • Be careful. The most important thing to remember when setting off fireworks is safety. Don’t be afraid to tackle controversial topics, but be sure that before you do you know your stuff, and that you’re being respectful and considerate of everyone affected by what you’re saying.
  • Put on a show. There’s more to a good fireworks display than just shooting a bunch of rockets off in random order. A good display has a pattern and continuity. Some are even set to music. Blogging that sets off fireworks is the same. As a writer, you know how to stir emotions in your reader; don’t neglect those same skills when you’re blogging. Tell a good story, and use powerful language, so that your post will make an impression.
  • Keep it going. Ever been to a fireworks display and had the show kind of peter out in the middle? Everyone started packing up their lawn chairs and putting away their coolers, and then it started back up again. Blogging often and regularly can help keep that from happening to you. Chances are you already know that keeping the reader’s attention is all about pacing, and that goes for blogging just as much as it does for books or short stories.
  • Know how to close the show. Most firework displays end with a series of blasts in quick succession; a big sendoff to close the show and put a cap on what you just saw. Ending your blog on a powerful note is just as important, and can help leave your audience with a sense of closure, or a call to action.

Ultimately, your website is about selling you as much as it’s about selling your work. Write about topics that you feel passionately about, and you’ll bring those same feelings out in your readers. That’s how to set off fireworks with your blogging, and keep your readers coming back for more!

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