At Clockpunk Studios, We Build Solutions

Many of our clients already have some sort of website when they come to us. Sometimes it’s an older, out-of-date site that needs an upgrade; in other instances, it’s just a simple WordPress, Blogger, Livejournal, or other sort of blog without its own domain. Yet other clients have no web presence at all when they ring us up, and that’s okay too. Whatever the case may be, we’re excited to creating modern, robust sites that will serve our individual clients’ individual needs. That’s why we say we build solutions here at Clockpunk Studios.

Often, web design studios don’t build fully custom sites for their clients. While we have plenty of competitors who are just as committed to building the same sorts of quality sites we do, when you hire a design studio it’s definitely a case of caveat emptor. Some of the studios out there don’t offer the sort of in-depth customization we specialize in.

When you contract with a web design studio, it’s possible what you’re getting may only be a theme, meaning something that will change the look of your site, and possibly the way information is displayed and presented to your readership. Don’t get us wrong: themes are great, and necessary as part of a larger approach, but while they may organize the front-end of your website, they often won’t affect the back-end—they won’t transform the part of your website that you work with directly into something uniquely friendly to your specific needs. That’s what we do—we build your site from the ground up, with your desires and needs in mind. Whether you’re techno-savvy or techno-illiterate, your site from us will be exactly what you need.

Now, sometimes theme-focused studios will install plugins to alter those themes, and what you can do to your website, in order to meet your needs. This isn’t the same as a from-scratch site like you’ll get from us, but it’s closer. WordPress is flexible and lightweight software, infinitely customizable to your needs, and plugins are a way to customize your site. Some plugins are designed by WordPress itself; others, by individuals. (We’ve certainly designed some proprietary plugins!) So we don’t want you to think we’re against plugins—plugins are extremely useful.

What we’re trying to say is that here at Clockpunk Studios we’re not (just) theme designers. We’re not (just) plugin developers. We’re both, either, or neither, depending on what you need. When you come to us about a website, what you’ll receive is a site unique to you, crafted with you in mind, whoever you are, whatever you do—or want to do. We build solutions every day, and we absolutely love what we do. If that sounds good to you, then give us a call!

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