Do You Need A New Website?

Maybe you’re tired of making do with a standard WordPress blog, or maybe you have your own domain, but your current site is out of date. Perhaps you just made your first pro sale, landed an agent, or signed your first book contract with a publisher. Regardless, you know it’s time—maybe past time—to upgrade to a modern WordPress site… but there’s always so much to think about other than that, isn’t there?

We know it’s easy to put off upgrading your website, but honestly, it’s a really good idea for authors at any level to have a well-designed, up-to-date website. These days, a website isn’t just a place to blog about your forthcoming publications or appearances—it’s a crucial tool for authors to get their name out there, in a world of ever-increasing competition for space on readers’ bookshelves (or their Kindle queues). Here are just a few reasons to consider upgrading today:

  • A New Website Will Have Modern SEO: Search Engine Optimization may sound like something only dentists or plastic surgeons need worry about, but that’s not the case. As an author, you have a reputation to manage. Sure, big sites like NPR or Publishers Weekly will likely appear higher in the search engine rankings if people look for reviews of your latest book, but those kinds of searches could just as easily lead people to your blog. Some readers may not realize you even have a blog, so if they find you searching for something unrelated, you may introduce someone who liked one book to another in your backlist, and make a sale. If your website is buried beneath every blogger or pirate website (an unfortunate reality) people may never find you.
  • A New Website Will Be Mobile Web Enabled: Imagine this scenario—a potential reader is in a Barnes & Noble, scanning the shelves for new titles. They happen upon your book, and, not familiar with your work, look you up on their smart phone to see what you’re about. If your website is out of date and not enabled for the mobile web, they might give up on exploring who you are and what you write, and move on to some other author. But, if you have a modern website from Clockpunk Studios, your site will appear well on someone’s phone or tablet, allowing them to find out what they want to know everywhere—including a bookshop.
  • A New Website Will Suit Your Needs: You may not even realize how much more you could be getting out of your website, in terms of ease of use, representation of your publications, organization of material, or engagement with your fans. A quick with Clockpunk Studios will open your eyes to the possibilities, so call us today!

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