Social Media Services

Our founder Jeremiah Tolbert might have a Twitter problem with over 27,000 tweets on his personal account, but you can turn his addiction into a gain for your career or business.

Do you have difficulty understanding the difference between like and favorites, retweets and shares? We offer consulting services to bring you up to speed on working with the latest social media platforms. Clockpunk Studios has also worked to integrate common social media services into client websites. Share buttons and cross-posting are just two of the ways we can help here.

Sometimes it’s hard to make time for all that though. We can help you with ghost-tweeting and develop copy for your Facebook page and updates. Just say the word.

Facebook Page/App Development

APIs, So many APIs. We see them in our sleep.

We also work with authors and publishers to develop custom Page tabs for book and author pages. Facebook is basically the internet for millions of people, and while we sob ourselves to sleep each night with that realization, we’re not above utilizing the platform to help you meet your career needs. We understand the technical ins and outs of like-locking content so you can convert that casual fan into a rabid, post-sharing super-fan.